In approaching this week’s topic of reflecting on my learning in LIBE477 up to this point, I decided to work from the Polanyi idea that “we know more than we can tell” (Smith). As an artist, maker and art educator I’ve always known that I often am able to better express myself in a visual rather than a textual way. So I began by taking some brief notes on what stood out for me from my reading review discussions and inquiry blogs and then decided to see how all these ideas might come together in doodle collage. The image above is what I came up with.  What stands out for me, is the interconnectedness of my learning and how making and maintaining connections is of the utmost importance for teacher librarians.

interconnectedness4.jpgImage source

We need to connect with our school and local communities to be relevant and part of our school and local culture.  We need to build and maintain connections with our school colleagues so that we can meet their ICT needs.  We need to develop and maintain connections with other teacher librarians both locally and globally so that we can continue to develop our own PLNs.  And finally of course we need to connect our students to the world around them through traditional and digital means.  Now more than ever, the idea that “the world doesn’t care what you know.  What the world cares about is what you do with what you know” (Richardson) rings true.  All information is available online for anyone with the means to access it, it is the job of teacher librarians to teach themselves, colleagues, and students how to use it.

My biggest take away is that my role as a teacher librarian will require me to be a lifelong learner who can develop and maintain connections while embracing change.  I am excited to continue to develop my own knowledge through developing my PLN and to continue to support the learning of others while understanding that “we know more than we can tell” (Smith) and embracing innovative technologies that allow people to share what they know in different ways.

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