As I get more serious about what my final vision project will be, I find myself torn between two different visions: creating a school library website or creating a makerspace presentation for a professional development workshop.

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In our first blogs we were asked to share an area of personal interest and inquiry and I chose to focus on makerspaces and how to extend our school makerspace into our school library and the digital realm.  Recently, I have been asked to host a district level professional development workshop on makerspaces in the spring.  Creating a presentation on makerspaces for my final vision would support this and help to promote makerspaces something that is very close to my heart. However, I have placed my passion for makerspaces on the back burner as our school and district adjusts to the new curriculum and moves to a more collaborative practice.  With this shift I feel that my role as a leader in supporting ICT and professional development has grown and that a school library website is a logical next step to support colleagues, parents and students.  In addition, I see a school library website as a forum not only for promoting all the exciting things we have to offer but also as platform for student participation in real work for real audiences and to put into action lessons about digital citizenship and ethical use of information

So I am left with the question of what am I to do? I decided to create a chart in the hopes that it would help with the decision making process. The chart I created is included below, please excuse the formatting as I was unable to get the same formatting as the original chart I created.

Ideas for my final vision School Library Website/Weblog Makerspace presentation
Rationale ·         Create a centralized location for information and resources available to teachers, parents and staff.  Showcase what we have to offer and extend support online. ·         Provide information on the basics of starting a makerspace and showcase the makerspace started at our school to be shared at a district professional development workshop
Questions ·         Is it appropriate to use a free blog to represent a school library?

·         Am I allowed to set up a school library weblog? Do I need district permission?

·         Do I have the time to create and maintain this?

·         Does it make sense to have a blog for more permanent links and resources and set up a twitter to link to more fleeting topics like new books to the library, what we are reading…?

·         Should it be linked only to the school so that it can be continued by another librarian if I move to another position?

·         Should it be more linked to myself like teacher websites?

·         What format should it take? PowerPoint, wiki, weblog, video?  PowerPoint would likely be the best format for presenting but it does not allow for sharing beyond the workshop and would likely require supplemental handouts and would not provide easy access to web resources

·         Will it be useful beyond a sharing at a district level pro-d workshop?

·         Where else could this information be shared?

What will it include? ·         Links to local and district created web resources

·         Links to district resources and databases as part of the BCDC

·         Links to quality educational blogs and online tools

·         Provide a link to school library twitter account that would share library current events/news

·         Future goal – provide opportunities for student participation – real work for real audiences. Put in action lessons about digital citizenship and ethical use of information

·         Benefits of having a school based makerspace

·         Where to start

·         What kind of materials are needed?

·         How much volunteer support is necessary?

·         Maintenance suggestions

·         Project ideas

·         Web resources

·         A short project to be created during presentation workshop

As you can see I am left with more questions than answers, both ideas have their own merits and more research and soul searching is needed.  If you are reading this and you have some insight please share.

My next steps will be to consult both with my school administration and district librarians about the protocol for starting a school library website.  Once I have the parameters and have done a bit more soul searching I can make the call as to whether my final vision will be a school library website or a makerspace presentation.  I have found 2 resources one for each choice that I will examine more closely once my choice is made; 5 Things Every School Website Should Have provides sound advice to creating a successful school library webpage where as MakerSpace PD – Preparing Future Makerspace Educators offers a professional development toolkit to facilitate future makerspace leaders.

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