In my blog last week you found me struggling between two choices for my final vision project: a school library website/blog or a makerspace presentation.

Thanks to some sage advice and more soul searching, a decision has been made and I am so excited that I really don’t even want to spend the time typing about it. At the same time I know that documenting and working through my ideas will result in a stronger final project.

im-so-excited-and-i-just-cant-hide-it-quote-1Image Source

I have chosen to create a school library website/blog!  Why so excited you ask? There are so many reasons but ultimately because it will allow me to extend support, learning and fun beyond the walls of our library.  Within my school I do my best to create a fun learning environment where there are plenty of opportunities for kids to grow and learn; I want to showcase this environment to parents and administrators as well as extend support to all patrons. Below I created a chart to assess the service needs of each patron and to see where these needs overlap to assist in the planning and layout of the website.

School Library Website - Users & Service Needs.jpgBeyond our school based patrons, this website will be able to act as inspiration/ a template for anyone looking to create their own school library website. A few of the school library websites that I have been inspired by are: Bayview Library Media Centre, Strathcona Library Blog, Gladstone Library Learning Commons and Spectrum Library Learning Commons and Looking Library.  If you have your own school library weblink to share or any suggestion I would love to hear them.