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This is my final blog post for LIBE477B. I feel like I have come so far, yet I haven’t even had to leave the comfort of my home; who knew so much exploration could come from an online course.  For me what speaks volumes is the power of web 2.0 tools in facilitating collaborative and authentic learning environments.  Thank you to everyone for sharing your knowledge and ideas to further my professional development.  I am so excited to continue my educational journey with so many new tools in my toolbox.

The road to my final vision project was not a clear one, in fact it took me quite a while to even figure out where I was going.  In a comment I made to my introductory post I said “It is a bit daunting for me to imagine that I would be able to create anything that could be anywhere near as useful as [the district sites I have seen created out of LIBE477B] but I am definitely willing to try”.  At the beginning of this course the idea of me creating dynamic website simply seemed out of reach but I did it!

I chose to create a school library website because I felt that we needed one.  Our district does have a number of fantastic websites to support learning but we did not have anything just for our school community. As our school and district adjusts to the new curriculum and moves to a more collaborative practice I feel that my role in supporting ICT and professional development has grown.  Creating a school library website seemed like a logical next step to support colleagues, parents and students.

In addition to providing support, I feel that this website can be a forum for all members of our school community to participate in authentic learning, model digital citizenship and demonstrate ethical use of information.  I have tried to include a space for participation and collaboration into every corner of this website.

The biggest challenge but also the most rewarding part of building this website was creating a format that could serve multiple purposes for multiple audiences.  It was really important to me that this site is engaging for all members of our school community; I wanted to make sure I included something for everyone and that everyone felt welcome. I hope that my welcome statement on the home page helps makes this clear.  As you explore the site you will notice that there have been no limitations placed on the sections; it doesn’t say this is for teachers, this is for students, and this is for parents because that I know that needs overlap and that we all have different learning needs that don’t always fit into categories.

I previewed the site with students and staff last week and am extremely excited with all the positive feedback I have received.  I used one of the articles on the site to demonstrate the importance of citation with my students and it was incredible to see all the light bulbs clicking on. They could see that citation is not just something boring that is keeping us from all the fun we could be having but that it has a real world purpose.  This alone validated all the work I have spent to make this website come to fruition.

Without further ado here is the link to the website I have created: